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Head-to-Head with Its Cuyahoga Falls, OH Rivals, 2018 Hyundai Sonata Goes the Distance

Our neighborhood of northeastern Ohio is home to options for new sedans aplenty. That's not only because the segment's busy with automakers and their offerings alike. The market's also very competitive, especially here in Cuyahoga Falls, and it's the ever-present advances in performance, technologies, and safety features that are keeping it that way. That's not to mention the incorporation of the latest amenities and creature comforts for almost any trip. So, to our customers, it's those that stand out that matter most, and they're quick to tell us that the display's most prominent in models like the new 2018 Hyundai Sonata.

Our greater Akron-area Hyundai experts can certainly see what they mean, just by stepping into the base Sonata SE or step-up SEL, let alone extra-mile travelers like Sonata Eco, the athletic Sport trim, a fully-loaded Sonata Limited, or the high-performance Sport 2.0T or Limited 2.0T. The new, refreshed Sonata exudes style and sophistication from its sleek exterior to a peaceful redesigned interior with all the trimmings. But most of all, our mid-size car holds true to the tradition of what defines Hyundai, with a gratifying drive-time experience.

However, don't take the word of our Cuyahoga Falls Hyundai dealer for it. There's plenty under the hood and in the new 2018 Sonata cabin to make the grade against the rest, and you can discover just some of its excellence right here on our website.

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2018 Hyundai Sonata vs. Toyota Camry

Against its new Camry rival, Hyundai Sonata remains the right choice for driving comfort and handling pleasure. It's wider of track overall than Camry both front and rear, putting on display a more solid stance that translates to a sturdy feel behind the wheel as you make way for Hudson. Plus, with a larger 18.5-gallon fuel tank, Sonata is set up to breeze past Toyota Camry and its 14.5 gallons at the pump in New Franklin, too. All the better for you and your riders, too, as the cruise offers for your comfort an approximate 6.0-cubic-foot gain on Camry in passenger space, with better front head, leg, and shoulder room as well as more rear shoulder and hip room. Load up for the ride, and you'll see prospects in cargo volume, too, as Sonata offers around 2.0 cubic feet more than Camry. Lastly, our Hyundai sedan is the more cost-effective option. These advances and more can be yours for an average MSRP or comparable equipment sales tag less than those of Toyota Camry.

2018 Hyundai Sonata vs. Honda Accord

As Sonata and the new Honda Accord square up, just as with Camry, you'll see Hyundai better capture the essence of the mid-size sedan drive, with its wider, stability-evincing positioning and elegant design lines. The new Accord can join Camry as each waits to refill at the station in Kent, too, as Sonata continues to outclass new Accord in fuel tank capacity, 18.5 gallons to 14.8. Sonata even maintains its primary position when it comes to creature comforts for the road, with better front head and leg room than Accord as well as rear head and hip room. Likewise, our Hyundai remains more affordable both at base MSRP or comparably equipped.


Eager to Experience the Hyundai Sonata Drive? Set a Course for Ron Marhofer Hyundai of Cuyahoga Falls

Stop by for a visit and a test-drive, and we think you'll see just how well the new Sonata fares against the competition. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of Hyundai professionals here at 1260 Main St.  will be delighted to introduce you. We're looking forward to meeting and greeting!

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