Fall Maintenance Advice and Car Care Tips for Winter from Ron Marhofer Hyundai of Cuyahoga Falls

If you're from here in the Cuyahoga Falls, OH area, you probably already know that the best time to prepare your vehicle for the northeastern Ohio winter, whether it's a new Hyundai or a used car, truck, or SUV, is in the fall. That's because, as you also know, the coldest months can be the worst for dealing with unforeseen maintenance circumstances. But taking precautions often means more than just, say, putting on snow tires. Here are a few bits of advice from the Ron Marhofer Hyundai family on how to get ready for when the snow files.

Some, You Can Manage Yourself, if You Prefer

One, examine your headlights, taillights, and their bulbs. During the fall, the days get dimmer, and the evenings can be even darker. Both can stay quite dark in the winter. Be sure to take care of any fogginess or yellowing and clean out any debris, whether it's inside the bulb or out. And, if you need to change a car light or two, we can help.

Two, test the voltage of your car battery. If it's weak during the summer, it could be dead by fall or winter. Plus, since frigid temps can make it even more difficult to start your vehicle in the first place, staying on top of ensuring your battery works makes even more sense. Need a new one? We'll be glad to install it.

Next, fill up on engine coolant, flushing the old stuff if necessary. Having the proper level and keeping it free of buildup can sometimes mean the difference between a purring engine and no rev at all. Also, you should repair any cracks in the system, both to help prevent fluid loss and to keep your engine from freezing. Not to worry, though: we can handle it if you like.

Further, as the weather gets chillier, be sure to keep your gas topped off and windshield wiper fluid full. An icy fuel pump puts the brakes on any trip, and the same goes for an opaque windshield, which certainly can't clear up if there's a fluid clog or your container's empty. On that note, you should also check out your defroster and climate controls -- a toasty cabin being the best thing for a cold ride.

Fifthly, keep your tires' pressure levels up. When it's freezing outside, air contracts, and that can lead to partial deflation. Maintaining the correct PSI, and you can not only avoid this but also take an important step toward preventing both wear and tear and tread separation.

Finally, but not all, keep an emergency survival kit on hand. You'll never know when something like a thick blanket, first-aid kit, sharp utility knife, flashlight, pair of jumper cables, a couple of mobile chargers, shovel, or de-icing spray will come in handy. Getting stranded and having to wait for a tow comes to mind.

We'll Take Care of the Rest

For everything else, you can rely on our auto service center and the Hyundai Assurance promise. Whether you're looking to catch up on something as simple as regular service or factory-scheduled maintenance, or you need more extensive car repair, our Hyundai-certified technicians will help you get back on the road in no time. Plus, we use only genuine Hyundai auto parts and accessories -- quality assurance that stands apart from the rest.

To make it happen quickly and efficiently, we employ a tried-and-true system, called Hyundai Car Care, that makes your service visit a breeze. You can schedule an appointment here on the Web, and when you come in, we'll explain the service we recommend, and afterward, give you a recap of what we've done.

Discover our Car Care Express Service option, and you'll see what we mean. It includes

  • An oil and oil filter change, often in as little as one hour
  • Complimentary multipoint inspection
  • A battery health check, with a replacement
  • Tire and tire pressure check
  • Tire rotation
  • Engine and cabin air filter service
  • Windshield wiper blade replacement
  • Fuel system cleaning

Looking for further advice? Have an auto repair question? Perhaps you'd just like to talk shop on what other services we make available. Feel free to get in touch with our service department at 888-480-6102 or stop by 1260 Main Street. We look forward to helping you and your vehicle get back up to speed for the season!