The Importance of Winter Maintenance

Winter is a tough season for your vehicle, the cold, snow, salt, and damaged roads all contribute to taxing driving conditions. The trick for all car repairs is to take a preventative approach and hopefully avoid them entirely. If you need winter service on your vehicle in the Cuyahoga Falls area, then look no further than the Ron Marhofer Service Center. Our service professionals will run regular maintenance and identify any potential issues early.

If you want information on how to best take care of your vehicle in this tough weather, we can help with that. Read on and learn the best things you can do right now to keep your vehicle running smoothly in the cold.

Volt Test Your Battery

Winter is strenuous on your battery, so test it to make sure that it is in good health. If your battery was weak during the summer you should invest in a new battery before it causes problems in the winter.

Pay Attention to Your Coolant

Make sure your vehicle isn't low on coolant, refill it if it is. Also be wary of any potential leaks in the engine that could cause you to lose coolant. Coolant can prevent serious damage to your engine so it pays to stay on top of it.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly. A full tank keeps your engine healthy and avoids water from accumulating and potentially freezing in your fuel pump. Another good reason to keep the tank full is that you can keep your car and yourself for a longer period of time in case you get stuck in the snow.

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